Historical Celebration at 10,200ft

After the burro’s take off on Sunday there are tons of great activities to keep you busy until the racers return.  Events are held in between 5th and 6th on Harrison Ave – near the Boom Days Hospitality Tent.

Pay a fee to participate in the events and cash prizes are awarded!

Registration takes place from 10am to 11am and events start at 11am

Events include:

  • Pie Eating Contest

  • Costume Contest

  • Egg Toss

  • Balloon Toss

Questions/Comments? Send us an email at info@leadvilleboomdays.org

Congratulations to 2023 Sunday Event Winners!

Costume Contests:
Mosey – 1st place- Aaron and Carolyn from Colorado Springs
2nd place – Shadarin and Amber from Salida and Westcliff
Adult Female – 1st place Carolyn from Arvada
2nd place Kimn from Twin Lake
Adult Male – 1st place Kylen from Kremling
Child – 1st place Harper from Leadville
2nd place Charlotte from Leadville

Pie Eating Contest

age 10 -15 1st place Levi from Leadville
age 16+ Julie from Conway, AZ

Egg Toss Team

1st place Tyler and Karl

Balloon Toss Team – 1st place Jacob and Leesa from Frisco


Proudly Sponsored by Leadville Exchange and Safeway