Historical Celebration at 10,200ft

Guess the Race Time Raffle

And the Winner is…

The official 2018 Leadville Boom Days Long Course Burro Race winner is Kirt Courkamp with Mary Margaret.
The winning race time is 3 hrs, 59 minutes, 9.7 seconds.
The closest guess in the raffle is 3 hrs, 59 minutes, 10.7 seconds guessed by Leadville local Jim McEachern.
There were 44 tickets with 3 hrs and 59 minutes!
The picture below is of Noreen Dewhirst and Jim McEachern with his $800 prize.

Guess the winning time for the first place burro race team and win $800!!  One dollar per guess, or 6 guesses for $5.00. Need not be present to win.  Tickets available at the Boom Days Booth in front of the Court House.