Historical Celebration at 10,200ft

Guess the Race Time Raffle

And the Winner is…

The official 2019 Leadville Boom Days Long Course Burro Race guess the winning time raffle winner is Mr. Toby Atencio.
He lives in Leadville for the summer with his daughter Loretta Vigil. He is 95 years old, turning 96 on August 30th. He remembers the burro races from way back, when they started in Leadville and finished in Fairplay, or the other way around. He has been buying raffle tickets for as long as we have been selling them. He plans to use the $800 prize money to help his daughters, and may go gambling with the Senior Center group next time.
The actual winning time of racer Marvin Sandoval and Buttercup is 3:45:37.7.
Mr. Atencio guessed 3:45:38.2, only half a second away!
We sold approximately 1000 tickets and there were 22 tickets that were 3:45, including one by his daughter Loretta, and one from last year’s winner.

Guess the winning time for the first place burro race team and win $800!!  One dollar per guess, or 6 guesses for $5.00. Need not be present to win.  Tickets available at the Boom Days Booth in front of the Court House.