Historical Celebration at 10,200ft

Our 2019 Parade Marshal is Don Ferrie representing himself as the burro race Director from 1974 – 2004. For those who a quick with their math, that’s 30 years as the burro race director, and Don has watched every race for at 46 years!! That’s almost a half a century of burro racing. Hey Don, why did you miss the first 30 years of burro racing?  Don has owned burros, loaned burros, fed burros, borrowed burros, organized burros and their racers, and enjoyed burro racing for a really long time! Don and his wife Bev still live in Leadville and help out in the Boom Days booth every summer.  Don also has served as an officer on the Boom Days Committee, and was our announcer for many years. Let’s give a warm round of applause to Don for his decades of service to Boom Days, Burros, and Burro Racing!

You’ll find Don hanging out in the Boom Days booth after the parade, stop by and tell Don thanks for the memories!  Congratulations Don Ferrie!

This years Parade Theme is 70 YEARS OF HAULIN’ ASS

The parade begins at 10 AM sharp on Saturday, and usually lasts at least an hour. Bring a hat, water and chair to help you enjoy the parade.